A shelter among the clouds – in production

A shelter among the clouds

Drama / 2018

Production: Erafilm, Digital Cube
Director: Robert Budina
DoP: Marius Panduru
Editing: Stefan Tatu

Avid Rental / Color grading / DCP / Deliverbales / Financing

Besnik is a lonely shepherd and devoted Muslim, haunted by unfulfilled love. He is the son of a Catholic mother and formerly Communist father whom he takes care of in an Albanian village in the mountains. Up here, Christians and Muslims have found a way to co-exist peacefully. Even after the discovery that the old mosque used to be a church and that the building was actually shared by the two religions in the past, the calm of daily life can be preserved – with Besnik’s help. After the death of his father, however, drastic changes threaten Besnik’s multi-faith family and the shepherd is forced to seek his own path.